December Beckons

November’s early winter blast pretty much shut things down on the Missouri and for whatever reason folks stayed away for most of the month despite plenty of very fishable days. Sure the wind has howled seemingly more often than not which is less than ideal but by late fall standards it really hasn’t been  bad.

If you’ve closed the book on the 2017 season it may be time to reconsider.

December has thus far brought mild temps and a lack of precipitation which is not great in the grand scheme but which should have you thinking late fall fishing on the MO’.

Traffic will remain light as many are occupied with holiday preparations and celebrations which means you could have this thing virtually to yourself for the rest of 2017.

The weather is unseasonably warm, the fishing is good, the traffic is light and the deals on lodging and guide trips are too good to pass up.

Why not treat yourself or someone you love to an early Christmas present. Two nights of lodging and a full day guide trip for just $500.  You won’t find a better deal anywhere. Nobody can touch this one!

We’ve got plenty of guides and rooms available all month long so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Sure we’re offering this deal all winter long but sooner or later we will actually get winter weather which will challenge even the most hard core anglers.

The short term forecast looks more like October than December so what are you waiting for? Book yourself a room and a guide or just grab your gear, stock up on firebeads and everything pink and come out for the day.

We’re stocked up with the best selection of winter bugs in Wolf Creek and everything you need for your day on the water. Shuttles, Simms cold weather gear, RO and Adipose drift boat rentals (including our Project Healing Waters Adipose FREE to all vets and active duty military personnel) and plenty of great gift ideas so you can get your holiday shopping done while you are here.

Just want the guide trip without lodging?  Only $350 all winter long.

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Wolf Creek is the place to be this winter on the MO’.



Late November Missouri River Fishing Report

November on the Missouri

We’ll close out the month of November with another week of ideal late fall fishing conditions. Overcast skies with the occasional peeks of sunshine, temperatures in the low to mid 40’s and a chance for some snow today and Wednesday.

It’s currently calm but they are calling for west southwest winds of 11-16 mph today with gusts as high as 30 mph. Tomorrow looks ideal with partly sunny skies, a high near 45 and south wind at 11-13 mph.

We’ll return to more seasonable temps for the weekend with highs in the 30’s and a chance for some snow on Saturday and Sunday.
Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is rapidly approaching (just four Mondays away)! This is the perfect week to take advantage of the mild weather and get your Missouri River fly fishing fix before the holiday grind goes into full effect.

Traffic has remained very light despite the nice weather though we expect to see a  bump in activity with the general hunting season having come to a close yesterday.

Reports from the holiday weekend were mostly positive. Nymphing is definitely your best bet right now but streamers are in the mix as well. The swingers are finding success on Kreelex, Think Mints and smallish buggers. Trout Spey  season is definitely a go but a deep slow strip will move them as well so don’t give up on single hand bank bombing from the boat just yet. Sparkle Minnows, Dirty Hippies, MK Ultras, Mini Dungeons, ZK’s Inflated Egos and various flavors or polar leeches have all been getting noticed and are good bets from here on out. Go deep with a slow to moderate strip and don’t be afraid to let it swing. It’s not lights out but if you put your time in you should be able to find some willing players. The water temps are continuing to fall and are hovering right around that 40 degree mark so the fish are definitely slowing down and transitioning to slow deep winter water but if you deliver the goods right to them and they don’t have to work too hard for it they definitely aren’t going to pass up a big meal.

Focus on transition type water with your nymphs as well. Not too fast…not too slow. Not super shallow and not too deep. They’re definitely moving towards those winter lies but we’re continuing to have the best luck in the medium depth/medium fast water in close proximity to slow winter water. Rig up with a #12 pink Amex, Bubble Yum Scud, Rainbow Czech or Pinkalicious  and trail with your favorite winter bug.  #16 or #18 tailwater sows,  firebead soft hackle sows, pink lighting bugs, firebead Rays, Pill Poppers, Pederson’s Sows, Wayno’s Cotton Candys, UV Crush, Cotton Candy LGMs are just a few of our favorites but the options are truly limitless.

With the shorter days  many opt for wade fishing this time of year but floating gives you more options. Don’t forget we’ve got Adipose and RO Drift Boats available for rent all winter long and if you’re a vet we’ve got a Project Healing Waters Adipose Flow available to you FREE OF CHARGE anytime. We don’t do a huge rental business during the winter months so we generally have boats available but calling ahead is never a bad idea for any of our boats and is a MUST for the PHW boat.

Plenty of lodging and guides available all winter long so don’t hesitate to give us a call and book yours today. Don’t forget the best deal on the MO – two night’s lodging and a full day guide trip for just $500!  Only interested in a room? Just $99/night (plus tax). Don’t need the room but want the guide?  Guide trips just $350 while the snow flies. Looking for a better deal? You won’t find one ANYWHERE.

We’re in the shop Wednesday – Sunday at 8:00 am and occasionally on Mondays and Tuesdays as well but you should definitely call first before coming out on those days. We’re open for lodging and guide trips every day.

Labor Day Sale at Wolf Creek Angler

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Looking Towards Autumn

Autumn is a magical time on the Missouri – photo by Wolf Creek Angler

Cool mornings, shorter days, hungry browns, back to school specials, preseason football and the first of the Oktoberfest beers hitting the shelves has us thinking autumn. Have you booked your dates yet for fall fishing on the Missouri?

The leaves are beginning to change and while we’re still experiencing summer weather with abundant sunshine and highs in the 80s and 90’s it won’t be long before cooler temps will prevail.

It’s hard to pick a favorite season on the Missouri but if I had to choose, autumn definitely ranks right up there and is considered by many to be the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s been a great summer but we’re ready for the change.

The fishing has remained solid this past week with good nymphing, especially in the top section, and plenty of hopper and ant eats to keep things interesting.

There are a lot of bugs you could be using right now and catching fish but I’ve found no reason to stray from the black zebra midge/crayfish combo. Other good options would be Peep Shows, Pheasant Tails, Green Machines, Weight Flies, PsychoMays, S & M’s, Two Bits, Tailwater Sows, Fishfinder Worms, Wire Worms, UV Czechs, Lightning Bugs and Rainbow Warriors. Claws R Cray and Snapping Craws have been effective on the Crayfish front.

Moorish Hoppers in pink, peach  or yellow have been effective as have Cinnamon Ants, Black Parachute Ants and Blooms Stealth Ant in purple. Chernobyl Ants, purple or gold chubbys and spruce moths have also been getting noticed.

There are still tricos to be found and you might find fish on them but we’ve pretty much abandoned that game and committed to the terrestrials.

Streamer fishing is heating up and will only improve from here on out. The weeds are definitely an issue but if you can work through it and maintain your composure you could have some outstanding streamer action.

October lodging is filling rapidly and we’re starting to book a good number of guide trips as well. We know the end of summer is a busy time for everyone but we urge you to take a few minutes and book your Missouri River fall fly fishing trip of a lifetime with Wolf Creek Angler soon.

We are your Missouri River fall fly fishing destination with everything you need for your visit. Clean and affordable lodging; the hardest working guides on the river; RO and Adipose drift boat rentals; shuttles; Simms outerwear, sportswear and accessories; lines, leaders and tipped from Rio, ARC and Trout Hunter; rods and reels from LOOP, Redington, Echo, Ross and Nautilus; Smith optics; piles of WCA hats and logo gear; tools and accessories from Loon and Fishpond and the near legendary largest and best selection of bugs ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.

Stop in and check out the best Missouri River fly shop you never knew was here.


This Week on the MO’

The Big Muddy. Blackfoot River from Scotty Brown Bridge on May 6th. Photo by Blackfoot Angler Fly Shop

The BIG PUSH has begun. Runoff has started and with it the migration of guides from around the state to the Missouri seeking fishable water for their clients.

The MO’ is definitely where you need to be if you plan on fishing western Montana in the immediate future and while we are largely immune to the blow out conditions found on the freestones during runoff we do have some big pushes of water coming from Little Prickly Pear and the Dearborn adding cold water and color which present challenges but also opportunities. LPP is currently running at a muddy 274 CFS while the Dearborn is cranking at 800 making flows on the MO below Dearborn somewhere in the neighborhood of 8500 CFS. Above Prickly Pear the Missouri is currently flowing at 7440 CFS with a water temp of 47 degrees.

Reports from Sunday were mixed but it sounds like the rain and cooler air temps so sought after by the dry fly and streamer guys were negated by the influx of cold, muddy water from the tribs. Solid nymphing reports from the Dam, not so much from Wolf Creek on down.

Conditions will remain somewhat status quo this week as temps in the 70’s and 80’s continue to contribute to runoff. Plenty of sunshine this week as  well which may not be what you want if you can’t wait to throw a dry fly but don’t rule it out, we could have some great evening activity this week. Again, blue skies and sunshine are not exactly optimal for streamer fishing either but you might be surprised. Sunshine or clouds, I know what I’ll be throwing this week and it ain’t nymphs or dry flies.

Speaking of nymphs though, we would definitely recommend including a worm in your offering, especially if you’re fishing low. Sow bugs are still getting the biggest nod but it’s time to start throwing the kitchen sink at them. Purple Lighting Bugs, LGM’s, Hot Belly Pheasant Tails, Hi Def, Radiation and Juju Baetis, Split Case BWO’s, Dark Peep Shows, Rainbow Warriors, 2 Bits, S & M’s… get the idea.

We’re pretty well booked up for lodging through mid-week but we do have openings for later in the week and through the weekend and we’ve got guides at the ready each and every day.

The shop is full of all kinds of new gear from Simms, Korkers, Fishpond, Redington and more and the fly bins are overflowing with every bug you need for the MO’ and beyond.

Stop in for shuttles, Adipose and RO Drift Boat Rentals, Realtime Missouri River updates and intel and what has frequently been referred to as the best coffee in the canyon.


Winter’s Last Gasp?

While we are currently sitting at just shy of 20 degrees and are under a winter storm warning through this evening a major warm up is on the way. Could it be that this is winter’s last gasp?

Not likely. But regardless,  we are looking at mid 40’s for the weekend and it looks like we’ll hit 60 next week as the official start of spring looms, now just 10 days away.

Ideally things warm up and the snow goes away locally while winter holds tight in the high country for a while which looks like it’s going to be the case judging by the latest SNOTEL map which continues to grow increasingly blue indicating snowpack over 110 % of average for much of the region.

We’re expecting it will be busy on the river this weekend and next week, at least by late winter standards,  with nice weather, warming water and hungry fish looking for a spring feast.

We’ve got plenty of lodging available and will be opening more soon to accommodate your early spring fishing plans. We’ve been doing a few trips here and there but guide trip season will get underway in earnest next week as the spring special trips start to roll. We’ve still got plenty of availability for March but April is starting to fill as word has gotten out about THE BEST SPRING FISHING DEAL ON THE MISSOURI….HANDS DOWN! $500 for two night’s lodging and a full day on the water with the hardest working guides on the river through the end of April.

You won’t find a better deal ANYWHERE!

Even if you don’t take advantage of our $500 special we’ve got great rates on guide trips without lodging as well as lodging without guide trips. $350 full day guide trips through the end of April and lodging in our cabins or bungalows for just $99/night plus tax.

It’s going to be a spectacular spring on the MO’ and the shop is fully stocked with everything you need and more with new shipments of Missouri River fly fishing essentials arriving daily. We’ve got cold weather gear from Simms and KAST; wading gear from Redington and Korkers; eyewear from Smith Optics and CLiC; Nomad nets, packs and accessories from Fishpond; lines, leaders and tippet from ARC, RIO and Trout Hunter; rods from LOOP, Echo and Redington; reels from Nautilus, LOOP, Ross, Echo and Redington and the near LEGENDARY largest selection of bugs ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.

Don’t miss our ever-expanding streamer selection including a bunch of EXCLUSIVES from ZK you won’t find ANYWHERE ELSE. Streamer Season is upon us and while we unapologetically love nymphing any time of year and love to fish dries to sipping trout on warm summer days (and cold winter days as well) it is chucking streamers that really gets us fired up. It’s all about the chase!

We’ve got a bunch of new WCA logo gear you’re going to love and you’re going to want to keep an eye on our sale rack throughout the spring as we clear out the cold weather gear and make room for warmer weather fare. That means the best deals you’re likely to find anywhere on top quality gear from the best brands in the business.

We’ve also offer RO and Adipose Drift Boat rentals and Missouri River shuttle service and if we don’t have it or can’t do it, we’re happy to connect you with the people who can. We pride ourselves on having a great relationship with every other shop in the area and while it’s no secret we are all competing for your business our  business as a collective is taking care of your fly fishing needs and we will gladly send you to another shop if we aren’t able to accommodate you.

We think it’s going to be a great season on the MO’ and we hope to see you soon.


Thursday Update

Moody Missouri Sky - Craig Montana. photo by Wolf Creek Angler

Moody Missouri Sky – Craig Montana. photo by Wolf Creek Angler

It was a little tougher out there yesterday than it’s been. Still good but we definitely had to work for them. The Tailwater Sow still won the day but I ended up doing a fair amount of bug and rig changes throughout the day. Rainbow Czechs, Tan UV Czechs and Bubble Yums were all ignored for the most part while the grey LGM, purple lightning bug, tailwater sow, grey soft hackle sow and purple Hi-Def baetis all caught fish.

A few bigger bugs on the water and a few fish in the places you would expect to find them but definitely far from a dry-fly extravaganza.

Traffic? Non existent!

You know what I love about November (and the rest of the late fall and winter) on the MO’? I love miles of empty water as far as the eye can see and being able to fish every place I want to fish, and more often than not being the first one through. Of course it’s not always this way but if you can have this experience on a 50 some degree gorgeous day in early November then you can bet the more seasonable (colder) weather will usually yield the same results.

You know what I like least about this time of year? Paradoxically its miles of empty water and the drop in traffic that ushers in the lean times for Missouri River fly shops. One in the same! It’s a fun time to fly fish the Missouri but on the shop side we’re ready for spring!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty to do in the shop right now. We’re busy counting flies, checking in winter product booking trips and lodging for next year, winterizing lodging units, forecasting and planning for next season….we’re plenty busy. What we miss is seeing and chatting with all of you every day.

Keep your eye on the forecast and keep us in mind for a late fall/early winter getaway. At $99/night for a cozy cabin or bungalow just minutes from the river you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity.

Remember the winter months are when the town of Wolf Creek shines with the only services available between Helena and Cascade. Need fuel, food, groceries, a post office? Wolf Creek is where you’ll find them all in addition to affordable lodging and the fastest growing fly shop on the MO’ Wolf Creek Angler.

We are your Missouri River fly fishing one stop shop with more on-site lodging than anyone; the hardest working guides on the river; vehicle shuttles; RO and Adipose Drift Boat Rentals;  cold weather gear from SIMMS, KAST and Redington; packs, bags and accessories from Fishpond and Simms; LOOP rods and reels; lines, leaders and tippet from Rio, ARC and Trout Hunter and of course, the largest and best selection of flies ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.




This week on the MO’


Big Fish - Small Bug, Zebra Midge days on the MO. Photo by Rudy Malmquist

Big Fish – Small Bug, Zebra Midge days on the MO. Photo by Rudy Malmquist

A very fall-like day today in Wolf Creek with mid 40’s and rain showers. We’ll see a low of 31 tonight so it’s likely going to be a chilly start to the day tomorrow but blue skies will return and it should be very pleasant with plenty of sunshine and a high near 60.

We will see a warming trend beginning on Wednesday and should see temps near 80 for the weekend with plenty of sunshine. Expect a busy recreational weekend if the forecast holds as it could be the last of the summertime splash and giggle days.

The busy fall fishing season has begun and we expect to see plenty of traffic around from here on out. Not June/July traffic mind you but enough traffic that you should expect plenty of company out there. We’ve got more guide trips going out this week then we’ve had any week since July and we’re close to capacity on lodging for the early part of this week but don’t worry, things open up by the end of the week so give a call today and book that fall fly fishing adventure on the Missouri. Plenty of guides and plenty of lodging available for the time being before it gets crazy again the first part of October. That could all change with a phone call or two which is generally how it goes in the fall but at this time we’ve got a spot for you at Wolf Creek Angler for mid to late September fishing on the MO’.

The word is out and more and more folks are coming to find that WCA is a great option for Missouri River fly fishing any time of the year. With more on-site lodging than any other shop, the hardest working, most professional guide and shop staff you’ll find anywhere and a fully provisioned Missouri River Fly Shop with everything you need for your days on the water, you needn’t go anywhere else. We are the only Outfitter Owned and Operated Full Service Fly Shop in Wolf Creek Montana and we would like nothing better than to be your Missouri River fly fishing destination.

Keep thinking nymphing this week but expect dry fly action as well with plenty of pseudos around and reportedly some caddis activity in the evenings. The terrestrial bite is definitely waning but don’t rule it out completely just yet, especially as we creep back up into the mid to high 70’s later this week and into the early part of next week. Your favorite hopper/ant or hopper/small mayfly nymph combo may still net surprising results. You won’t know unless you try it.  Moorish hoppers, Chubbys and ants in various flavors and increasingly the October Caddis  are all getting eats river-wide.

Zebras, zebras and more zebras where nymphing is concerned, especially at the dam. Green Machines, PsychoMays, S & M’s, 2 Bits, San Juan Worms, various Cray Fish patterns, sows, scuds, magic flies, split case bwo’s, Juju’s, Czechs…….and on and on. No super hot single bug right now save the aforementioned Zebra Midge but plenty of fish being caught on plenty of different flies. Fish what you like and what you have confidence in. You’ll be surprised what a difference your attitude can make. In fact your attitude can often times have way more of a bearing on your level of success (or lack thereof) than any fly ever could.

Those playing the streamer game continue to report moderate to good action, depending on the day. Good options as of late have been Dirty Hippies, Moss Fires, Late Night Wandas, Sparkle Minnows, Space Invaders, Autumn Splendors, and a couple of Zach’s exclusives we just can’t seem to keep in stock.

Stop by the shop on your way to the river for up to the minute intel, what some have called the best coffee in the canyon, shuttles, cold weather gear, sun protection, ARC lines, LOOP rods and reels and much more. Open daily at 7 AM. Nobody is open earlier!


Weekend Update



Things continue to be a little tough out there but don’t despair. There are plenty of reasons you should be fishing the Missouri right now.

These are just a few of them.


Screenshot (73)
Water levels continue to drop on many rivers around the state. Low flows mean high water temps, especially during hot weather. High water temps mean stressed trout. The Hoot Owl closure list continues to grow with a couple of rivers (Jefferson and parts of the Big Hole) now completely closed to fishing. Meanwhile on the Missouri we’re enjoying relatively stable flows in the 4100 cfs range and comfortable water temps in the low to mid 60’s.  Rumor has it we’re going to see a drop in flows here as well but we don’t expect anything too drastic. Should we drop into that 3500 range you can expect more weeds but for the time being we’re liking the conditions on the river, especially by August standards. If Hoot Owl conditions have chased you off of your favorite water it’s time to hit the MO’.


August is traditionally a slow month on the Missouri and while we appreciate the break after an extremely busy several months, six days in and we’re rested and ready to ramp up again!  We typically see a big drop in traffic during August and early September despite the fact the fishing can be good. It can also be challenging but if it wasn’t a challenge what fun would it be? Regardless, for whatever reason, there aren’t a lot of people around in August so it’s the perfect time to come fish the Missouri if it’s relative solitude you seek. It’s not quite December solitude but you can usually find yourself a stretch of water void of other anglers. No waiting at the ramps, less competition on the water,  immediate seating at Izaaks and plenty of vacancies in the area are all good reasons to try August fishing on the Missouri.


Although not known as a great terrestrial fishery the Missouri gives up plenty of big browns to hoppers and ants strategically drifted and occasionally twitched through the right spots. Banks, seams, riffles… know the spots. Do a long float covering as much water as you can and be patient. Hopper fishing is rarely action-packed but there are occasional good days and frequent good parts of mediocre days so it’s definitely worth your while to give it a try. Not sure where to go? Stop by the shop and we’ll get you set up with the right bugs and give you some direction on where to go. If you really want to get your hopper game dialed in book a trip with us and we’ll have one of our expert guides take you to the ultra secret hopper hot zones. We’re happy to send you to these spots on your own but nobody knows the water better than those who are out there every day. If you are new to the Missouri or new to fly fishing or both we can’t stress enough how critical a guide trip can be to your future success or lack thereof. You’ll learn more in a day on the water with one of our guides than you could in a whole season of trying it on your own.


While it’s not quite that bad there are definitely some lonely spells in shop these days. The upside to this though is that we’ve got plenty of time to do things like cleaning the shop, grounds keeping….etc so the shop is really clean and the lawn is making a comeback after a bit of neglect since we’ve had plenty of time to dedicate to a sprinkling program. We’re busy working on fall fill in orders and starting to put together pre-season orders for 2017 and also doing a fair amount of lodging and guide trip boo

kings for fall and for next season. There are always things to do around the shop but our favorite thing to do in the shop is help customers so it would make our day if you came by.


Now through the end of August book a guide trip and two nights lodging with Wolf Creek Angler and we’ll throw in a third night of lodging for free. That’s up to a $129 value. It’s a great opportunity to do a second guided day on the MO’ or to rent one of our RO or Adipose Drift Boats and try it on your own after which you can relax at WCA for another night for free.

See you soon at WCA.


A Taste of Autumn


Feeling like October this 11th of July as we sit in the middle of a cold front that has brought unseasonably cool temps and some much-needed precipitation in the form of rain and possibly a few snow flakes in the higher elevations. Summer will return tomorrow with sunshine and temps moving back towards the norm with high 70’s and low 80’s for the remainder of the week.

Rainy and cold and windy today which may not be the ideal conditions for dry fly fishing on the Missouri but we’re happy to have the relief as waters around the state have been dropping and warming already forcing Hoot Owl closures in some places. Long-term forecasts predict higher than average temps and lower than average precipitation for the rest of the summer so if nothing else we’re grateful for the temporary arrest of the trends that will undoubtedly result in more Hoot Owl closures in the future.

Here on the Missouri we are in great shape with current flows at 4440 and temps in the low 60’s. Canyon Ferry is full and it looks as though flows will be maintained in the 4000 cfs range for the summer months. Expect a busy river for the rest of the summer as anglers migrate to the MO seeking cooler waters.

Tricos and Caddis will be the game for the next while with PMD’s still holding on and the fish reportedly opting for those PMD’s when given a choice. Add your favorite PMD to the smorgasbord of tricos on the water and hold on. Best selling trico patterns have been Indicator Spinners, Double Wings, Eric’s Trico Spinner, Quigley’s Trico Hackle Stacker and Drowned Tricos in #20. Helen Keller and Almost Dun PMD’s paired with a rusty spinner have been the go-to on the PMD front and the good old #16 CDC Caddis Emerger paired with an Outrigger Caddis or X Caddis have been effective caddis patterns. All of these and many more available now at Wolf Creek Angler.

Nymphing has continued to produce good numbers, especially at the dam, with Purple or Gold Weight flies paired with a PMD S & M or Split Case PMD. Other good options have been Military Mays, black Zebra midges, brown 2 Bit Hookers, Peep Shows, Tan UV Czechs, Gold or Purple Lightning bugs, LGM’s, PT’s, and on and on.

It’s not exactly streamer season on the Missouri but given the conditions today I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to throw them. Sparkle Minnows, Rainbow Baby Gongas, Space Invaders, JJ’s, Polar Leeches, Buggers and all kinds of creations from the mind of Chewy available exclusively at WCA. The ever-increasing vegetation may present some challenges when you’re stripping streamers but it’s definitely worth your efforts to power through. Choose your water carefully and change your bugs and your retrieve frequently and you may just be rewarded with a Missouri River Giant.

DFO’s may sit this day out so it would be a great day to take advantage of the conditions and have the river to yourself, relatively speaking of course.

We’ve got a few lodging openings this week due to cancellations and we’ve got guides available each and every day so if you’re considering a spur of the moment trip to fly fish the legendary Missouri this week give us a call. Things open up next week as we start to enter the late summer lull which is a lull only as measured by the amount of traffic. If you want to experience great Trico and terrestrial fishing without the crowds, August is the perfect month to fish the MO’. We’ve got plenty of openings for lodging and guides so don’t hesitate to book a trip today. If you’re looking to book fall fishing don’t wait another day….October and early November are filling quickly.

Make us your first stop on your way to the river for shuttles, RO and Adipose Drift Boat Rentals, sun protection, rain and wading gear, LOOP rods and reels, ARC and Rio lines, leaders and tippet and the largest and best selection of bugs ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.