Late September on the Missouri

Rod enjoying the fall colors on the MO!

It’s hard to believe but we’re just a few days out from October. Where has this month gone?

The hot dry weather of early September gave way to rain and snow and below average temps these past two weeks ushering in what has honestly been some of the best fishing we’ve seen all year.

Fire season is now all but over and we’re enjoying the crisp fall air and fall fishing at its finest.

If you haven’t fished the Missouri lately you are missing out.

Nymphing has been on fire and dry fly fishing has been inconsistent but outstanding if you hit it right.  That sun feels great on these cold fall mornings but is definitely a hindrance to the dry fly action.

Black Zebras and Tailwater sows are still at the top of the nymph list  but we’ve also been picking them up on a bunch of mayfly stuff like Little Green Machines, Split Case BWO’s, Psycho Mays and Peep Shows as well as Pill Poppers, Rays and Rainbow Warriors. Try a Rainbow Czech, Tungsten Tailwater Sow, Fishfinder Worm, Wire Worm or Crayfish as a point fly. Firebeads would not be a bad call at this point either though I have yet to go there.

The dry fly hatch matcher continues to be the tiny pseudo but an olive Para Adams with a CDC caddis emerger will get eaten at some point and a dry/dropper rig with a chubby or October Caddis trailed with an LGM or something similar  could offer a welcome alternative to bobber lobbing.

The streamer action is heating up but you should expect a challenge with the weeds and if you throw streamers year round like we do you’ll find that it’s time to  share the water again. I was surprised yesterday to see multiple boats downstream and upstream of me, doing the same thing. The upstream I don’t mind, the downstream can make for a slow day. It may be time to think about earlier starts and/or different stretches but not to worry. With 30 some miles of river there’s plenty of water to fish.

We’re moving fish on white and have also done well with olives and naturals in low light conditions. Best bets for brighter days have been  JJ  or Sculpin Sparkle Minnows, Rainbow Dirty Hippies and Mini Dungeons in natural.

We’re loaded up on bugs and have plenty of Simms cold weather gear to help you contend with that morning  and evening chill. Daytime temps are climbing back towards the low 70’s this week but overnight lows in the high 30’s and low 40’s require layering. We’ve been starting our trips a little later to ward off the chill but if you want that prime streamer bank you might want to get an early start.

Either way, we’re here for you. The shop is open daily at 7 am for all of your Missouri River fly fishing needs. Call today for current river conditions, drift boat rentals, up to the minute fishing reports or to book lodging and/or guides for your fall fly fishing adventure on the Missouri or Blackfoot.

Weather (and Winter Rate Guide Trips) On The Way

Winter pic

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this weekend. It sounds like we’re finally going to see some more seasonable conditions by the middle of next week with clouds and rain and snow and highs in the 30’s and 40’s and lows in the 20’s. This is what we’ve been waiting for!

Get your cold weather gear together, get your streamer rigs ready and keep that dry fly rod rigged. With any luck you may just get your fall BWO fix after all though many of us have moved past that possibility and are concentrating our efforts on winter nymphing and Streamers!

Some are stripping, some are swinging. Both methods are producing and are a great way to spend a day on the water. Our streamer bins are fully stocked with the best bugs in the canyon including many ZK Exclusives you won’t find in any other shop.

Need a new streamer rig? We’ve got great options from Loop, Echo and Redington and a full range of streamer specialty lines from Rio and Airflo. Stay tuned for our Winter Rod Sale happening soon.

If nymphing is your game stick with the sow bugs and scuds and it may be time to start working in some pink and some firebeads as well. Pink Weight flies, Casne’s Pinkalicious, Ninch’s Thunderbug, Pink Lightning bugs, Pink AmEx…..they’re all winter staples and while we aren’t there quite yet it won’t be long.

Water temps are dropping and the fish are on the move making the transition away from the fast (ish) shallows to the slower, deeper winter water.

If you’re going to play the streamer game then I would suggest you still spend plenty of time bombing the banks but don’t overlook the slower, deeper runs where you’ll want to slow that retrieve way down or just let it swing.

Look for a slight increase in traffic out there on the weekends but expect to have it pretty much to yourself during the week, especially when that colder weather rolls in.

Daylight is becoming scarce so you’ll want to keep your floats on the short side from here on out. Wolf Creek to Craig (or something in that 5-6 mile range) is perfect. Late starts and short floats are the winter program so a couple of nights at Wolf Creek Angler make perfect sense. We’ve got plenty of rooms available and at just $99/night plus tax you’ll have more than enough left over for Christmas shopping which, depending on who is on your list, you may be able to take care of while you’re here.

Looking for a great deal on a guided trip? Beginning November 15th and running through March 15th we’re offering full day Missouri River  float trips for one or two anglers at the obscenely reasonable rate of $350. Sound too good to be true? Wait, there’s more! We assume you’ll need lodging as long as you’re coming over to fish so we’re offering a guided fishing/lodging package. Two nights lodging and a full day of guided fishing for one or two anglers for $500 + tax! You won’t find a better deal ANYWHERE!

We are well aware that winter can be a sketchy time to book a float trip due to changing weather conditions so for that reason we’re charging NO CANCELLATION FEES for winter lodging and guide trips.

We hope to see you soon at Wolf Creek Angler, your Missouri River late season fly fishing destination.

A Taste of Autumn


Feeling like October this 11th of July as we sit in the middle of a cold front that has brought unseasonably cool temps and some much-needed precipitation in the form of rain and possibly a few snow flakes in the higher elevations. Summer will return tomorrow with sunshine and temps moving back towards the norm with high 70’s and low 80’s for the remainder of the week.

Rainy and cold and windy today which may not be the ideal conditions for dry fly fishing on the Missouri but we’re happy to have the relief as waters around the state have been dropping and warming already forcing Hoot Owl closures in some places. Long-term forecasts predict higher than average temps and lower than average precipitation for the rest of the summer so if nothing else we’re grateful for the temporary arrest of the trends that will undoubtedly result in more Hoot Owl closures in the future.

Here on the Missouri we are in great shape with current flows at 4440 and temps in the low 60’s. Canyon Ferry is full and it looks as though flows will be maintained in the 4000 cfs range for the summer months. Expect a busy river for the rest of the summer as anglers migrate to the MO seeking cooler waters.

Tricos and Caddis will be the game for the next while with PMD’s still holding on and the fish reportedly opting for those PMD’s when given a choice. Add your favorite PMD to the smorgasbord of tricos on the water and hold on. Best selling trico patterns have been Indicator Spinners, Double Wings, Eric’s Trico Spinner, Quigley’s Trico Hackle Stacker and Drowned Tricos in #20. Helen Keller and Almost Dun PMD’s paired with a rusty spinner have been the go-to on the PMD front and the good old #16 CDC Caddis Emerger paired with an Outrigger Caddis or X Caddis have been effective caddis patterns. All of these and many more available now at Wolf Creek Angler.

Nymphing has continued to produce good numbers, especially at the dam, with Purple or Gold Weight flies paired with a PMD S & M or Split Case PMD. Other good options have been Military Mays, black Zebra midges, brown 2 Bit Hookers, Peep Shows, Tan UV Czechs, Gold or Purple Lightning bugs, LGM’s, PT’s, and on and on.

It’s not exactly streamer season on the Missouri but given the conditions today I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to throw them. Sparkle Minnows, Rainbow Baby Gongas, Space Invaders, JJ’s, Polar Leeches, Buggers and all kinds of creations from the mind of Chewy available exclusively at WCA. The ever-increasing vegetation may present some challenges when you’re stripping streamers but it’s definitely worth your efforts to power through. Choose your water carefully and change your bugs and your retrieve frequently and you may just be rewarded with a Missouri River Giant.

DFO’s may sit this day out so it would be a great day to take advantage of the conditions and have the river to yourself, relatively speaking of course.

We’ve got a few lodging openings this week due to cancellations and we’ve got guides available each and every day so if you’re considering a spur of the moment trip to fly fish the legendary Missouri this week give us a call. Things open up next week as we start to enter the late summer lull which is a lull only as measured by the amount of traffic. If you want to experience great Trico and terrestrial fishing without the crowds, August is the perfect month to fish the MO’. We’ve got plenty of openings for lodging and guides so don’t hesitate to book a trip today. If you’re looking to book fall fishing don’t wait another day….October and early November are filling quickly.

Make us your first stop on your way to the river for shuttles, RO and Adipose Drift Boat Rentals, sun protection, rain and wading gear, LOOP rods and reels, ARC and Rio lines, leaders and tippet and the largest and best selection of bugs ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.


Socked In


True to the forecast from a few days back we’ve been stuck in the clouds/rain/snow for most of the week and while we’re happy to have the precipitation I for one am anxious to see and feel the sun shine again.

Per our predictions there has been some decent dry-fly action out there but still primarily towards the end of the day. A little perplexing but the challenge is what keeps us coming back. I haven’t been out this week but I’ve heard plenty of reports of MASSIVE BWO hatches with no fish up during the day. Those putting in the time and the miles are finding willing fish but you should definitely plan on working for them. Go to dries this week  have been Wieses Purple Phase Loop Wing, BWO Drown Spinners, Olive Parachute Adams, Rocky Mountain Mints, Nyman’s DOA Cripple Baetis, CDC Baetis Emergers and BWO Hackle Stackers on the baetis side while Bucky’s Midge Cluster, Griffiths Gnats and Buzzballs are good bets for midge imitations.

A bit of a mixed bag as far as nymphing reports go but overall it seems to be getting good out there.

We’ve heard a few lackluster reports but the word from the last couple of days has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been wet and chilly but we’re seeing plenty of smiling faces regardless. It’s amazing what a couple of tugs can do to make you forget about being cold and miserable. Rainbow Czechs, BWO Angel Case Emergers, Split Case BWO’s, LGM’s, Psycho Mays, Micro Mays, PT’s, Bubble Yum Scuds, S & M’s, Dark Peep Shows, Juans Hi Def Baetis in purple, Black Zebras, Pink or Purple Lightning Bugs, tailwater sows, soft hackle sows……and on and on. A lot of stuff is working but its changing from day-to-day and even by the hour. Giver yourself plenty of options and don’t be afraid to stray from the standards.

And speaking of standards, don’t forget to stop by the shop next Thursday from 6 pm – 9 pm and visit with Vince Wilcox creator of THE quintessential Missouri standard the Little Green Machine.  We’ll be hanging out with Vince doing some lying, some tying, some grilling and just kicking back and enjoying springtime on the MO’.

Streamers? Still nothing stellar to report but once again, definitely worth your time. My intention is  to spend my next day on the water devoting most if not all of the day to throwing them. We’re loaded up on the big bugs right now with all of your Missouri River standards as well as a bunch of stuff from the mind of Chewy you aren’t going to find anywhere but at WCA. Wolf Creek has never seen the likes of the bug selection you’ll find in our bins and we’re adding to it almost daily!

It looks like we’re going to transition back to sunshine and warmer weather starting Sunday. Take advantage of the cloud cover while you can – it should be a great weekend for fishing as long as you’re dressed for it. Need some cold weather gear or rain gear? We’ve got ridiculous deals on outerwear from KAST, hats and gloves from Outdoor Research and wading gear and layering from Redington and a bunch of new inventory you haven’t seen yet. Make us your first stop on your way out to the river.

Lodging is full tonight and tomorrow but really opens up Sunday and into the first part of next week. Sunshine and mid 70’s expected by the middle of the week. It’s a great time to book yourself a guide trip and a night or two with us. Traffic is still relatively light and the fishing should only get better from here on out.


End of the Week Fishing Report: Better Redd than Dead Edition.

Just to clarify for all the baby boomers out there, no this post will not be addressing the merits of Communism. A Commi is a Red and a trout spawning is a Redd, got it? With the official first day of spring just around the corner it’s the time of year our resident trout make their way from the slower, deeper water into shallower, quicker water, side channels and tributaries to procreate. I won’t bore you with the full biological breakdown of the process, instead just a few basics of what to look out for so you can try and avoid the egg piles.

Photo courtesy of MT FWP

Photo courtesy of MT FWP

Like I said, when trout are spawning they like shallow, gravel bottomed areas with a decent current moving over them. Before the females lay their eggs they’ll use their bellies to create somewhat of a shallow bowl in the gravel, clear of aquatic vegetation and silt. This nest is what makes the egg piles visible to us and where the eggs will lay for a period of a few months before they hatch. Eggs aren’t usually visible on the gravel because after they’re fertilized the Hen (female) will move upstream of the pile and toss gravel into the current to cover them, protecting the eggs from predators. At this point fish are particularly vulnerable to other creatures higher on the food chain, including us.

At this point I could hop on my soapbox and tell you all how, unethical, unsportsmanlike and down right disrespectful fishing these egg piles is; but I won’t.  Suffice it to say that if you are intentionally fishing redds, your actions are having a huge negative impact on everybody’s fishery. On to the fishing report….


Fishing on the MO has been pretty killer lately. Lots of good reportsBrownpolarleech from all disciplines on the fly. The surface game has been hit or miss depending on wind and time of day. Midges are still the name of the game for a few more weeks until B.W.Os start making their ever so welcome appearance. Nymping has still been the most productive means to get fish to the net. Typical winter/spring fare still at the top of the menu for the time being. Along with the spawn comes the hot-bead hatch; smaller sizes like a 16-14 have been doing well in a variety of flavors. Matched with a larger lead fly like a 10-12 in a czech, sow-bug imitation has been a solid double set up for the past few days. As water temps have been increasing the streamer bite has picked up quite a bit as well. With fish more willing to chase down some bigger morsels after their cold water inebriation I’ve focused a lot of my time attention here for a few reasons. 1) I usually equate bigger flies with bigger fish, 2) The eats are usually explosive and 3) It’s a nice change of pace from following a bobber all winter.  Been getting most of my hookups either right off the bank on the strip or dredging it through drop offs and seams. Whatever way you decide to get fishy this weekend make sure to swing by and check out the greatest fly selection in Wolf Creek, here are my humble fly suggestions to get you going for the start of spring…

Dries: Q’s Peacock Cluster, Griffiths Gnat, Hi-Vis Midge, Hanging Midge & Midge Emerger.

Nymphs: Pinkalicious, Amex, Rainbow Czech, Hot-Head Sow, Tailwaters Sow, Granatos Snack-Nasty-Sow & Zebras

Streamers: Polar Leeches, Hot-Head Buggers, Skiddish Smolt, Micro-Suckers, ZK’s Ragnar & Boufaces’

~Cheers, Chewy.

Weekend Report

Winter Fare at Wolf Creek Angler

Winter Fare at Wolf Creek Angler

We’ve got a nice weekend on tap here on the Missouri River, especially by mid-January standards with temperatures in the high 20’s and to low 30’s, relatively calm winds and a chance for snow showers each day. We are under a winter weather advisory beginning this afternoon at 2 pm and ending tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM. We could see 2-4 inches of new snow tonight.

The fishing could potentially be pretty good on the river and there was a fair amount of traffic headed up the lake again this morning. We’ve got a full house tonight but things open up on Sunday. If you’ve got Monday off for MLK day it wouldn’t be a bad call to book yourself a bungalow for Sunday night and a $400 full day guide trip on Monday. We’re supposed to see temperatures in the 40’s Monday.

Good reports from the past couple of days both from the nymphing set and the streamer guys. The go-to flies have been Pink Sows, Pink Scuds, Pink Lightning Bugs, Pink Amex…..notice a pattern? We’ve also done well with a few firebead patterns. Rainbow Weight Flies, Firebead Sows, Firebead Rays….. there are plenty of bugs that are working well these days, you just have to put them in the right place. With water temperatures in the 33-34 range those fish simply aren’t going to move much so you need to make sure you are putting it right in front of them. Generally you’ll find that where you pick one up you will pick more up as they are congregating in those spots right now.

Hot Head Kreelex, Hot Head Buggers, Polar Leeches in Brown and also Olive/Copper, Sparkle Minnows and Skiddish Smolts are all getting some action on the streamer side. We’ve got all of these and many more including a bunch of new patterns just begging to be fished. Stop by and check out the undisputed best streamer selection in Wolf Creek Montana.

There will definitely be some traffic out there this weekend with the weather being what it is. It’s a great weekend to fish! It’s also a pretty good weekend to watch playoff football with the Chiefs and Pats playing this afternoon and the Packers and  Cardinals tonight. Seahawks and Panthers tomorrow morning followed by Steelers and Broncos tomorrow afternoon. They should all be great games.

Be sure and stop at Wolf Creek Angler if you are coming out to fish. We’re your one stop for everything you need for winter fly fishing on the Missouri. Shuttles, cozy lodging, cold weather gear, closeout deals on St Croix and Echo fly rods, RO Drift Boat Rentals, all the best winter bugs, Kast Steelhead Gloves, great coffee and much more.

The Oasis is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Thursday-Monday so you’ll definitely have a place to eat as well as have a cocktail or two while you watch the football games this weekend.

Hitting our fall stride


The fall season is well underway as we close out September and welcome the cooler weather and hopefully the more consistent fishing of October.

Reports have been all over the boards with a few folks having some tremendous fall fishing days while most slog through sporadic bug activity and somewhat hit or miss conditions.

River traffic is still on the light side though you wouldn’t think so based on the parking lot at WCA which is, on more nights than not, choked with trucks and boats and campers etc. Definitely a July atmosphere here with folks trading lies at the end of the day over cocktails while enjoying the full moon, the starry skies and the crisp fall air. What an awesome time to be here!

Our lodging is full for the most part for the next couple of weeks though there are a few vacancies here and there and we do get the occasional cancellation so don’t give up – give us a call and inquire. Guides available daily or do it yourself with one of our RO Drift Boats.

Dry-fly fishing could explode any day now and the nymphing and streamer fishing will continue to get better from here on out.

Lodging opens up for the second half of October and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be great fishing so get your guide trips and lodging booked now for late October. This truly is our favorite time of year on the Missouri. Spend your days on the river fishing how you like to fish be it dries, nymphs or streamers and then unwind over dinner either here in Wolf Creek at The Frenchman or The Oasis or venture down to Craig for dinner at Izaaks or The Trout Shop Café which is serving some amazing dishes for breakfast and dinner Friday – Monday.  I highly recommend the grilled rib eye which I had last night and which was one of the best steaks I’ve had in Montana. Seating is very limited but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Stop by the shop for the full range of fall fly fishing fare. We’ve got you covered with everything  from base layers to fleece to waders to boots to Kast Steelhead Gloves and much more. Shuttles, Rods, Reels, lines, leaders and tippet and of course the largest selection of flies ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana. We’re proud to be your Go-To Missouri River Fly Shop and Guide Service.  If you haven’t been in lately stop by and see what the Buzz is about.



Mid September in Montana

On the hunt. September also means archery season in Montana. Photo by Wolf Creek Angler

On the hunt. September also means archery season in Montana. Photo by Wolf Creek Angler

Cooler temps and overcast skies have put us in full-on fall mode and while fall fishing is certainly on our minds, this is also the time of year we become conflicted about whether to be on the water or in the field stalking deer and elk.

Archery season is just over a week old and we’ve been out a couple of times but the warm weather has made it easy to maintain our focus on fishing. That may soon change however as it’s looking and feeling like fall out there with temps dipping into the low 40’s at night making for some great mornings to be out in the field.

Rain in the forecast through Thursday could make for some great streamer days and while nymphing was reportedly on the slow side yesterday it should be turning on with water temps hovering right around 60 degrees. Tricos remain an option as do Pseudos, Callibaetis and terrestrials depending on where you’re fishing. Whispers of baetis seem appropriate with the current weather trend – bring em’ on!

Status Quo on the nymphing front with zebra midges, two-bit hookers, Rainbow Czechs, LGM’s, PT’s, Weight Flies, Tung Darts, Olive WD 40’s, S & M’s, BWO Magic Flies etc. all getting some attention. Rig up with the bugs you like and fish them like you know they’re going to get eaten. Faith in the fly you are using almost always trumps the pattern.

Not sure what to use or where to go? Stop by the shop on your way to the river. We’d love to get you set up and headed in the right direction. Shuttles, Lodging, RO Drift Boat Rentals, Expert Guides, Cold Weather Gear from Kast and Redington, Rock Bottom sale prices on Simms WCA summer logo wear and of course, the largest selection of  flies ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.

See you at WCA. Open 6:30 AM Daily (Earlier than ALL THE REST) for all of your Missouri River fly fishing needs.

Farewell to August


The cold front which arrived over the weekend has cleared the skies this morning however along with the cold front came a new fire which hit very close to home. The Bray Gulch fire above Holter Lake was spotted on Sunday afternoon and at last report was burning approximately 100 acres forcing the evacuation of the Holter Lake and Log Gulch Campgrounds as well as the north side of Beartooth Road which remains closed this morning. Officials report that they believe they will be able to hold the fire at Beartooth Road.

It’s definitely feeling like fall with temps in the low 50’s this morning and fallen yellow leaves starting to dot the lawn. A little breezy today with southwest winds sustained at 14-17 and gusting to 24 – not the best weather for containing fires but the cooler temps are helpful. High near 85 tomorrow and then things really start to cool down with temps in the 50’s and 60’s later in the week and into the weekend with showers and thunderstorms likely each day starting on Thursday.

The fishing has been fairly consistent and should only improve as we move into September. Not many folks around these days which has afforded us plenty of time to work on various projects around the shop as well as to spend a little time at the archery range preparing for the upcoming hunting season.

Should you bother coming out to fish the Missouri right now? Absolutely you should. Lack of traffic does not mean lack of fish – and while it may not be STUPID GOOD right now we’ve had some very respectable days out there. Couple that with having miles of water to yourself and why wouldn’t you come fish the Missouri right now?

We’ve got plenty of lodging available and though some of our guides are enjoying the downtime before the fall season kicks into gear they would rather be working so give us a call and book a trip today. Nymphs, hoppers, streamers….we’re throwing them all right now.

Make Wolf Creek Angler your one stop on the way to the river for shuttles, bugs, cold weather gear, sun protection, Fishpond Nomad Nets,  Montana Maid Coffee, ice, Rio and Trout Hunter leaders and tippet, all kinds of tools and accessories, friendly honest advice and much more all in the most laid back, non-intimidating atmosphere you’ll likely find in any shop.

Don’t forget our Labor Day Blow Out Sale happening this Saturday and Sunday with great deals on almost everything we sell.

See you soon at WCA. Shop open daily at 6:30 AM.



Weekend Outlook


It’s going to be a great weekend to get out and fish the Missouri with overcast to partly sunny skies and a chance for showers and thunderstorms each day. Friday looks great with a mix of sun and clouds and a high of 71. Things heat up on Saturday and Sunday with highs near 80.

The potential remains for some great streamer fishing, especially below the Dearborn which continues to churn. The same goes for the worm which should definitely be a component of your nymphing plan for the next while. Tailwater sows and various mayfly nymphs have been effective as of late including LGM’s, PMD Magic Fly, Rainbow Warriors, Autocads, Military May, Peeps Shows, 2 Bit Hookers, Black PT’s, Hot Belly PT in purple, Olive WD40’s and Pearl lightning bugs. We’ve also seen a resurgence in Zebra sales in both black and purple with silver tungsten beads and various caddis patterns like the weight fly in purple or gold have certainly had their moments.

Dry Fly potential is ever-present with baetis and midges and the occasional caddis around but we seem to have officially reached the in-between hatches stage as we await the PMD’s.

Sparkle Minnows and Kreelex have definitely led the charge in streamers for the past week. We just got in a brown and yellow Kreelex that I can’t wait to try and of course we are well stocked on my favorite the Circus Peanut in tan, olive, black or white. We’ve got everything you need for streamer fishing on the MO and beyond with a wide selection of Streamer Tip and Outbound Short lines from Rio and Streamer Max from Airflo which has been my go to line this season. Looking for a streamer rod? We’ve  got St Croix Bank Robber rods available for demo. Designed by Kelly Galloup these 9′ 7 weight rods are exceptional streamer sticks with plenty of backbone for casting big weighted flies effortlessly and with exact precision. Try one today and if you like it so much you decide you want to purchase one we’ll knock the rental price off of your purchase.

We’re also offering Galloups’s High Stick Drifter for demo. This 10′ 5 weight with a special light-weight tip offers superb sensitivity and control without the fatigue associated with holding the rod high for long periods of time. Call ahead and reserve your Bank Robber or High Stick Drifter demo rod today.

We’ve got a couple of vacancies for the weekend and a bit of a lull through the middle of next week before things kick into gear again with full lodging and lots of trips going out beginning late next week and running through the summer season. We’re taking a breath now while we can as we prepare for the summer rush. It would be a great time to book a room and a trip for yourself – guides are standing by. It’s the calm before the storm.

See you soon at Wolf Creek Angler, your full service Missouri River fly shop and guide service located just minutes from Holter Dam and Wolf Creek Bridge – nobody’s closer!