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Running Line

Running Line is a chronicle of our journey, both personally and as a company, into the world of Montana fly fishing. Part fishing report, part sales and promotions, and part personal soap box, Running Line is a showcase of words and images used to keep our readers informed and entertained.

I am blessed to be able to live in this amazing place and to do what I love for a living, and there’s nothing I like better than sharing my world with those who share my passion for fly fishing and for the rugged beauty of Montana.

Running Line is a blog about life on the Missouri River and beyond. We want to keep you up to date on what’s happening on the river, but we also want to share with you the ups and downs of running a fly-fishing start-up business in this highly competitive market.

I hope you enjoy reading and continue coming back for more.

Jason Orzechowski

Have we Forgotten?

Eighteen years after the deadliest terror attack in US history which killed nearly 3000 people and injured thousands more I wonder what it means to our collective conscience. Eighteen years is a long time and while I can still vividly recall that day I know there are a bunch of young people walking around to whom 9/11 means very little. Maybe they were very young, maybe they weren’t even born yet. In some ways it’s just another marker of mortality. Each year [...]

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Welcome September

Big Game Season coming soon Good bye summer, fall is on the way and with it our “second season” on the Missouri. Soon the empty parking lots at the boat ramps and the empty beds at WCA will be filled again as the crowds return to experience what many feel is the absolute best time of the year to fly fish in Montana. Mind you “crowds” is a relative term and while there will be a marked increase in traffic [...]

Farewell to Summer Days

Autumn is a magical time on the Missouri - photo by Wolf Creek Angler Summer is rapidly coming to a close. And as always, it’s bittersweet. After all, we do LOVE summertime in Montana. It’s in large part what brought us here and what keeps people coming back. Long days. Blue skies. Wet wading or floating your favorite stream while soaking up the sun. Warm nights, barbeques, beers on the deck, live music under the stars, visits from friends and [...]