Wolf Creek is your Holter Lake Winter Destination

It may be too cold to fish the river right now but lodging at Wolf Creek Angler has become a hot commodity these past two weeks as the perch fishing on Holter Lake continues to heat up.

The word is out and the hard water anglers have discovered the hidden gem of winter lodging at Wolf Creek Angler.

The town of Wolf Creek is your base camp for ice fishing on Holter Lake as well as winter fly fishing on the MO’ if it ever warms up enough for us to get back to it and while we’re used to living in the shadow of Craig during the season winter is when the town of Wolf Creek really shines.

Whether its ice fishing or fly fishing that brings you here, Wolf Creek is where you want to be. We’ve got the only open restaurant and the only gas station /convenience store between Helena and Cascade.  As a matter of fact we also have the only US Post Office between Helena and Cascade which may not seem like much but it’s interesting to note that all that mail addressed to the self-proclaimed “center of the fly fishing universe” in Craig MT actually ends up right here in Wolf Creek MT.

As if that weren’t enough we’re excited to announce that come April we’ll once again be able to boast of having 2 bar/restaurants in Wolf Creek MT with Shotgun Annie’s Eatery and Tavern (formerly The Frenchman and Me)  joining Uncle Joe’s Oasis to offer you more dining and night life options.

Throw in an up and coming Missouri River Fly Shop with cozy, clean and affordable lodging just minutes from Holter Lake , Holter Dam and the Wolf Creek Bridge river access sites and it’s easy to see why Wolf Creek has become THE destination for winter fishing on Holter Lake and the Missouri. Once you discover all that Wolf Creek has to offer you may just make us your year-round Missouri River fly fishing destination. Many have.

Give us a call today to book your winter lodging. $99 (plus tax) gets you a cozy bungalow complete with a full kitchen and private bath. The bungalows sleep three comfortably with two twin beds and a pull out couch. Our shop hours have been a little less than consistent this winter with the dangerously cold weather but rest assured, we are OPEN EVERY DAY, 365 days a year, for lodging (and guide trips).

Make that call today and discover the secret!








Why Wolf Creek? 10 Reasons you should make Wolf Creek your Missouri River fly fishing destination


10. Location, Location, Location


Wolf Creek is located just 3 miles from the Wolf Creek Bridge and 4.5 miles from Holter Dam. Chances are if you are traveling by car to fish the Missouri from much of Western, Southwestern and Central Montana and beyond you will be passing through Wolf Creek before you reach the river. Whether you are coming from Helena, Missoula, Kalispell, Billings, Bozeman, Butte or a host of other cities Wolf Creek is your first access to the Missouri River. Since Holter Dam to Craig is the most popular section of the river to float/fish it only makes sense to exit at Wolf Creek, buy your flies and arrange your shuttles at Wolf Creek Angler and proceed to your adventure on the MO. We will shuttle your rig to Craig or wherever you choose to float and you will have saved yourself all kinds of time and substantial mileage. If you choose to bypass Wolf Creek and start your day in Craig you have already added eight miles to your trip. Not the end of the world but by the time you travel eight miles back to Holter Dam or Wolf Creek Bridge you’ve added roughly 15-20 miles to your trip and shaved 30 minutes to an hour off of your fishing time. If you come out once a week to fish you are looking at 60-80 extra miles and a loss of several hours of fishing time over the course of the month. If you fish every month of the year it could be costing you up to several hundred dollars (depending on gas prices) and up to two days of lost fishing time over the course of a year! That’s a steep price to pay and we would love to help you save your time and money.

9. Food, Gas and Lodging


Wolf Creek Lodging

Looking to have access to amenities during your trip to the Missouri any time of the year? Wolf Creek is your destination. With two bar/restaurants and the ONLY gas station/convenience store and the ONLY US Post Office between Helena and Cascade, Wolf Creek is your first choice. Need lodging? Wolf Creek Angler has you covered with affordable lodging options year round. We’ve got units with full kitchens and full baths which sleep up to four comfortably and during the warmer months we’ve got no-frills motel rooms for under $70/night. We are dog friendly, we offer guide discounts and all of our units are clean and comfortable and right next door to a first-rate Missouri River fly shop.

8. A River Runs Through It

Much of Norman MaClean's A River Runs Through It ws set in and around Wolf Creek.

Much of Norman Maclean’s novel A River Runs Through It takes place in and around Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek is mentioned in the story many times – other Missouri River fishing destinations are not.

7. Little Prickly Pear/Wolf Creek Canyon

Postcard view of Little Prickly Pear Canyon

Postcard view of Little Prickly Pear Canyon

Our awe-inspiring canyon goes by both names. Whatever you choose to call it it’s an amazing place. Please keep your eyes on the road as you wind your way through the canyon along Little Prickly Pear Creek. More than a billion years ago,during the Precambrian Era, an ancient inland seaway deposited these shales and sands, which over time,became these vibrant red and green mudstones called“Spokane Shale”. Many of our guests enjoy relaxing times on the porch gazing at the rugged hillside across from the shop where we often see mule deer and big horn sheep and the occasional black bear.

6. The Oasis


Located within walking distance of Wolf Creek Angler, The Oasis offers dining during the season and is a great place to unwind anytime of the year with a game of pool or just watching the game and relaxing in the bar.

5. Welcome to Wolf Creek MT


Wolf Creek is made up of an eclectic mix of residents, some with deep Montana roots spanning generations, others who’ve arrived here from anywhere and elsewhere and have fallen in love with all that Wolf Creek has to offer. It might get a little weird around Wolf Creek sometimes but that’s part of what we love about it. Come discover for yourself the charm of Wolf Creek MT.

4. Wolf Creek Bridge


Thinking about summertime... photo by Wolf Creek Angler


To call the Wolf Creek Bridge iconic is an understatement. Everyone who has fished the Missouri knows the bridge. It is probably our most photographed local landmark and images of our bridge often appear on the blogs and facebook pages of local fly shops and outfitters. We love our bridge so much we made it a part of our logo and while we love to see pictures of our bridge on social media, Wolf Creek Angler is the only shop with a rightful claim to the Wolf Creek Bridge.

3. Shotgun Annie’s


A Wolf Creek institution, Shotgun Annie’s (formerly The Frenchman and Me) is the only year-round restaurant between Helena and Cascade. It is a classic small town Montana saloon and is a favorite amongst our guests. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and  dinner and Shotgun Annie’s. They serve up great steaks, ribs, burgers and more.

2. Montana Microbrews at The Canyon Store


Rivaling the Montana-Made beer selection of large grocery stores in the bigger cities, The Canyon Store has fully embraced the Montana Microbrew craze. Check out their great selections from Lewis and Clark, Bitterroot Brewing, Bayern, Mighty Mo, Bozone and more.

1. Wolf Creek Angler

Wolf Creek Anglers Services

On the move and at your service since April of 2014, we are here for the long haul and fully intend to do our part to put Wolf Creek back on the map as a Missouri River fly fishing destination. We are your full service Missouri River fly shop offering lodging, guided fly fishing, drift boat and equipment rentals, shuttle service and a first-rate shop with an ever-growing inventory of everything you need for success on the Missouri River including the largest selection of Missouri River flies ever assembled under one roof in Wolf Creek Montana.

This season make Wolf Creek your Missouri River fly fishing destination!