Winter taking hold on the MO – photo by Wolf Creek Angler

A fair amount of activity this morning in Wolf Creek despite temperatures in the teens. With a steady stream of traffic heading to Holter Lake I would assume the ice fishing is heating up.

Last we heard there was approximately 5 inches of ice around Log Gulch and 3 inches around the dam. Perch fishing has reportedly been very good with the 10 perch limit consistently being caught.

We get a fair amount of ice fishing related calls and have had a number of guests staying with us who are fishing the hard water and we welcome the business. Unfortunately since we don’t personally ice fish we rarely have good ice intel. We encourage everyone seeking up-to-date ice fishing reports to call Shawn at The Canyon Store here in Wolf Creek (406)235-4111. They get a lot of lake traffic and usually have a pretty good sense of what’s going on out there.

A few people fishing the river this morning between  Holter Dam and Wolf Creek Bridge but you can expect to find plenty of available water today and tomorrow if you’re planning to come out. Stop by the shop if you do and enjoy a cup of Montana Maid Coffee while you stock up on pink bugs and hand warmers!

Tuesday and Wednesday look like the days to fish with plenty of sunshine and highs approaching 40. Lodging and guide trips available. Call and book your Missouri River winter fly-fishing getaway with Wolf Creek Angler today.