MOvember Special

Judging by the abundance of vacancies and the lack of traffic in the shop I’d say the 2018 season has pretty much drawn to a close. We’re currently sitting just shy of 30 degrees with a light snow falling. More of the same on tap through tomorrow with lows dropping into the teens the next couple of nights.

While these aren’t exactly prime fishing conditions we’ll see highs climbing back near 40 by the end of the week which could translate into good fishing and a good opportunity to spend a little more time on the water before winter sets in.

To encourage you to make the journey we’re offering a late fall/winter special you can’t afford to pass up. We’re calling it the MOvember SPECIAL but it will be in effect all winter long.

We are offering full day Missouri River Guided float trips for one or two anglers for $400 or two nights of lodging and a full day on the water for $500. That’s a savings of over $300!

Mind you we’re starting trips later in the morning this time of year and with the dwindling hours of daylight you’re getting a shorter trip but you won’t find a better deal anywhere.

Some aren’t offering winter trips at all. Others are offering them at full price and some are offering a discount but nobody else is offering a lodging and fishing package deal and NOBODY can come close to what we’re doing. We’re offering two nights of premium lodging and a full day on the water for less than a guide trip will cost you elsewhere.

Keep in mind also that while the lodging tax is always in effect, beginning November 15th the resort tax will be on hiatus until April so that’s an additional 3% savings on EVERYTHING. Lodging, Guide Trips, Shuttles, Flies, Simms sportswear and accessories, Drift Boat Rentals…..EVERYTHING!

And the best part of the deal? No cancellation fees! When you book a trip during the season you are locked in and under most circumstances you will end up losing your 50% deposit. That’s not the case now. Winter can be a challenging time to book a trip because the weather can change without notice and while we don’t mind being on the water in sub-zero conditions we realize that this isn’t for everyone.

Not to worry. Book your trip and rest assured that if the weather turns or if you simply change your mind you’re off the hook. No fees. No questions asked!

Just looking for a place to stay on your DIY hunting or fishing adventure? Winter lodging rates are $99/night plus tax. All available units are completely furnished with a kitchen and private bath.

Winter fishing on the Missouri can be downright fantastic. It can also be slow. It’s fishing! We’re concentrating primarily on nymphing and streamer fishing right now but there are plenty of dry fly opportunities as well. As we move into December and into the heart of winter fishing those dry fly opportunities will dwindle but will return in the late winter as midge fishing becomes a viable option.

Winter fishing is not for everyone but once that cabin fever begins to set in a day on the Missouri might be just what the doctor ordered. Things are quiet in Wolf Creek and Craig for the winter months but we do have Shotgun Annie’s and The Oasis for dining and night life; The Canyon Store for gas, groceries and a great Montana Microbrew selection and of course Wolf Creek Angler for all of your Missouri River Winter Fly Fishing Needs.

We’ve got more on-site lodging than anyone, the best winter bug selection around and all the cold weather gear you’ll need to eliminate cold from the equation.

Don’t forget our lodging units are all furnished with a full kitchen and access to barbecue grills so bring your own food with you and you won’t have to go anywhere!

We hope to see you this MOVEMBER and all winter long for HOT fishing on COLD days with Wolf Creek Angler.