Late November Days on the MO’

We’re looking at partly cloudy skies today and tomorrow with a respite from the howling winds which have made for tough fishing conditions this last week of November.

The fishing has been fair if you can find those spots that provide some shelter from the wind. We prefer to float to gain access to as many of these spots as possible  but wade fishing makes sense. Why not spend your time fishing rather than battling the wind.

Tailwater sows, Pill Poppers, Pink Lightning Bugs and Firebead Rays have all been effective this week. I’ve been running a  #12 Tungsten Rainbow Czech and a #16 Tailwater Sow with a bb and haven’t seen much reason to change. There are plenty of fish holding in medium depth (4 – 6 feet), moderately fast  water. Target island tail outs and gradual drop offs and work from the inside out making sure to cover that water right in front of you that seems too close….often times it’s not.

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