Dog Days on the Way

As we look towards wrapping up this last week of PRIME TIME on the Missouri it’s time to plug our annual Dog Days of Summer Guide Trip and Lodging Special happening all throughout the month of August.

Beginning August 1st, one week from tomorrow, book a full day guide trip and a night of lodging and your second night of lodging is on us.

It’s no secret that August is traditionally a very slow time on the Missouri as far as angling traffic is concerned. The Prime bug events have come and gone and people are starting to look towards autumn outings despite the fact that tricos tend to last through most of the month and August is prime time for hopper/terrestrial fishing.

This being the case it has made sense for us to offer an extra incentive during the late summer to try to draw in more business. What’s different this year though is that since everything got off to a later start with the high water we’re still holding out hope that the best dry fly fishing of 2018 is yet to come.

It’s the perfect culmination of thinning crowds and ever improving fishing conditions. Throw in free lodging and you’d be absolutely crazy not to make a late summer trip to one of the best dry fly rivers in the nation.

We’re still doing early starts to beat the heat so why not arrive the night before your trip and relax. Get a great night’s sleep and save yourself the morning drive. Your guide awaits…just a few steps from your door.

Spend a gorgeous summer day on the water with your guide and then return for another night of relaxation at Wolf Creek Angler. The sun and the heat (and all that fighting fish) will take it out of you and you probably won’t feel like doing much of anything after your trip. You definitely won’t feel like driving home so kick back on the deck and relax after a great meal at Shotgun Annies, The Oasis, Izaaks or The Trout Shop Cafe. Share your stories from the day over a cocktail or two with the other guests or venture out on your own for an evening of hunting heads.

It’s an awesome time of year to avoid the crowds of primetime and there’s no reason you couldn’t stumble into a spectacular fishing day. You just never know.

Prepare for the challenges of the season, embrace those challenges and you’ll have a great day